MONTHLY HIGHLIGHT: 5th Edition of "Feira das Viagens"






"Portugal Sou Eu" in FIA

june 24 to july 2, 2017

Local: FIL, Parque das Nações

Client: Portugal Sou Eu

Nico Awards

july 6, 2017

Local: Escola de Turismo e Hotelaria do Estoril, Lisbon

Client: Academia Portuguesa de Cinema

Travel Golf TGTM

25 to 31 july, 2017

Local: Khao Yai

Client: Tourism Authority of Thailand

During the month of May, "Feira das Viagens" was once again in Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra.

This edition, organized, once again by Jervis Pereira and Sociedade do Campo Pequeno, was marked by a remarkable sucess in terms of sales, keeping the number of visitors in 17 000 (the same as last year).

Beach destinations were the most demanded with Algarve, Balearic Islands, Marocco as the most popular. In the long course, Thailand, Cuba and Dominican Republic were the most demanded for the visitors.

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Image Gallery


Feira das Viagens 2017

Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra, may 2017


Portugal Sou Eu

Day of National Production, april 2017


Brazil Junino

Brazil Junino Exhibition, april 2017


Tourism Authority of Thailand 

Thai Party, march 2017



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