The Era of the "Incredible New Chapters"

The Era of the "Incredible New Chapters"


Lisbon , 04 Jauary 2023



"Amazing New Chapters" was the signature that the Tourism Authority of Thailand chose to relaunch tourism in the international market in the post-pandemic era. It could be the theme of any other tourism or business campaign that views the future with optimism, but it was Thailand that, inspired by its famous "Amazing Thailand" claim, came up with this idea first hand . These Thai "Amazing New Chapters" obviously point to a smiling and promising future, but unfortunately the international economic context is far from guaranteeing us this prosperity.


The post Covid 19 Era has been marked by the Ukraine War, exponentially rising energy costs and interest rates, galloping Inflation growth, and the inordinate resurgence of new migration flows. War and Economy have gained a huge media prominence in relation to the health issue, and the world is now facing an economic, political and social context with new challenges and "Amazing New Chapters" whose consequences are still difficult to predict.


It was in this uncertain environment, with small periods of some economic euphoria, that we developed our activity in 2022. We bet above all on a conservative growth strategy that would not put us in a bad position if, from one moment to the next, we were confronted with new adversities. The tourism boom that started in April helped us leverage our tourism clients and strengthen our positioning in this sector, but we also tried to diversify our client portfolio to other areas of activity so as not to put "all our eggs in one basket". The agro-food sector, associations and culture were strategic bets that went well and we managed to close 2022 with a growth of 17% compared to 2021. It was therefore a good year that leaves us optimistic about the "Amazing New Chapters" of 2023. But still with moderate optimism....

Maria do Rosário Louro