Ethical Behaviour

We respect the opinions of customers, suppliers, competitors and employees, even when they are different from ours. We regulate our professional and personal relationships in harmony with irreprehensible principles of trustworthiness.



We guarantee confidentiality in all kinds of relationship that we establish with our customers. We are committed never to disclose any written or oral classified information.



We establish transparent professional relationships and do not collaborate in initiatives promoted by a third party whose "game rules" are not clear.



We are not connected to lobbies or interest groups that affect our role as independent consultants. We seek to advise our clients with accuracy and impartiality.


Objective Advice

The services we provide to customers are always preceded by marketing and communication plans, in which we clearly define goals and schedules for the actions we aim to develop. Our customers approve our work plans before we put them into practice.


Service to achieve results

We provide services to achieve results. We prepare periodic reports, economically valued whenever possible, so that, together with our customers, we can measure results and correct procedures.