1989 - We started our activity with economic and management consulting services in the areas of tourism and agro-industry.


1997 - We extended our activity to marketing and communication consultancy, which became our core business from 2004.


2000 - Our first international experience came with the official representation of the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Malta Tourism. Over the years we have been strengthening our tourism client portfolio with other national and international destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Dubai, Brazil, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Madeira and Turismo do Centro de Portugal.  We also work with institutional clients, namely in the areas of associations, culture and brands.


2007 - Since 2007 we have been responsible for the launch and monitoring of successful brands such as the programmes "Compro o que é nosso", "Portugal Sou Eu", "Ria de Aveiro" and "Feira das Viagens". In all these projects we engage in a logic of integrated communication, being responsible for the strategic and operational alignment of the marketing and communication plans.


2017 - We were invited to join two important international communication agency networks that open opportunities for collaboration in 50 countries: PR World Network and Worldwise PR Affiliates.


2018 - We established a partnership to share space and administrative services with Unimagem and Blink.


2020 - We were chosen to officially represent Dubai Tourism in Portugal, namely in the promotion of activities with the trade, media and influencers.